What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is the brand-new social phenomenon that is sweeping among the more youthful muchachada. Its success has reached a point where Facebook shopped it for 3 billion and still failed.

Sounds intriguing? It is.

The major uses of Snapchat:

Fragments of life: Think it not, Snapchat is mostly utilized to portray aspects of everyday life that are not pertinent sufficient to stay anywhere permanently. And possibly we have to blame for this: Excuse me, I can take this image for the 7th time?I go with the odd hair.”

We charge a pressure to show a best variation of ourselves in social media networks and present exactly the image we wish to communicate, so just leaving a gap to communicate all that daily life is forbidden on other networks more irreversible.

Ugly images: Not everything you do throughout the day belong in a museum, everyone is entitled to do nasty “things sometimes. That plate of food that has actually gone bad particularly you, a horrible sketch you did, a grain that has actually left you … These are things that give us some modesty and never ever will publish in a public and long-term network, however we did not mind sharing if we choose with whom and a short-lived one.

Games: Snapchat is creating a great deal of uses originated from the device itself. From drawing competitions to change the pictionary. Apparently wonders Snapchat Online app and a good dosage of monotony are made.

Why peta?

It is really tough to close a list with the variety of consider the success of Snapchat, but there are some trends that could be a clue:

Phenomenon of visual web: Visual internet is a growing phenomenon. The young audience likes the visual, and the acquisition of Instagram ($ 1,000 m) and Tumblr ($ 1,100 M) show this trend, which is verified to hit video Vine and Instagram. The fact of combining the visual phenomenon solely messaging device is fascinating: we have actually always stated that a image deserves a thousand words, but with Snapchat have actually relocated to disregard the words to communicate.

Possibly this tendency to document everything without keeping anything is emphasized in the brand-new generations. That Carpe diem “digital is enhanced and leads not just to accept that the time is passing, however the memories we have of them (photos, texts, videos) are also something to be enjoyed in the moment and exactly what does not stick.

Fashion and Web

I am not safeguarding Snapchat in itself, I think an interesting app, but the fact is that I have almost no contacts who make use of the app and I simply sent/ received a couple of images, and for that reason have actually not managed to make the most, but I it is clear that youth rebellion and nonconformity are the ideal breeding ground for recognizing new social trends and consumer culture, and therefore, we need to constantly want to discover new digital natives, and what they need to state about their privacy, the toughness of their memories and the look for perfection we pursue online.

Kik Analysis

The interface is smooth and classy, I’m a big fan with this design style. They find a way to retain their particular identity and feel stylish without generating it excessively extensive or allow you to be feel like you’re drowning in shades. This really is the method to get about it, and this application gets big points for your design alone.

As for the texting, it certainly works and it is really very darn quickly. Every thing worked the method it had been expected to and I also truly didn’t have that numerous problems. It seems that men and women have taken towards the reviews to publish mini bios about by themselves and attempt to get buddy adds, if you require individuals to chat to, there you get. There’s an abundance of men and women simply waiting to be talked to.

One thing else that men and women have to understand is the fact that Kik is ranked for that get older range of 17 advantage. So folks require to hold this in head since it is gonna be among the best things for those to think about should they be searching at a software that is expected to be for grownups or those who are expected to be close to just as one person.

Frequently individuals will wish to understand in exactly what the definition to kik is because this might be destined to be essential for the crooks to understand about. The issue is that quite a few individuals are gonna have to understand even more about the definition of Kik and this also includes the metropolitan dictionary meaning of your message. As soon as individuals know about this, it’s likely to be effortless for people to have an excellent amount of time in obtaining to take advantage of the account much more, but in addition know when they account will generate any sort of issue for the children. Without this info, individuals might not understand about the account and exactly how that is likely to assist all of them out.

You key in your title and mail target contact information to get begun and then click in the enroll switch. The Kik online messenger staff supplies you with a welcome email with ideas. The actual only real thing I observed had been that the login doesn’t always have a Twitter login choices, which a great numerous various other applications have. The application doesn’t mention any popups detailing just how to make use of the software, which is great as it doesn’t truly call for much. For those who have concerns you can see a assistance web page within the Kik application.

Apple’s FaceTime Correct Use

A basic requirement for facetime pc video chat: Both parties must be in possession of an iPhone 4. In addition, both iPhones must have a WiFi connection.

The iPhone 4 already comes with everything you need!

The iPhone 4 has two cameras stuck with different skills: On the front (above the screen) sits a VGA camera (640 x 480 pixels), the films up to 30 images per second. On the other hand, a rear HD camera sits (720p = 1280 x 720 pixels) with a particularly light sensor and an additional camera light.

If you start a FaceTime connection can always switch between the two cameras; the focus point is determined with a finger print on the screen.

FaceTime – Aha, and how does it work?

In order for the first time establish a Facetime connection, simply call the desired person over the wireless network, and then press the FaceTime button. Even the video chat connection is established. When the other party accepts the video call, ends after a few seconds the phone conversation and the wireless video chat will start.

Striking here: The sound and video quality are more than satisfactory.

Also nice: video telephony function like all applications on the construction and landscape mode.

And so does FaceTime

The video chat can be had any time to mute the video continues to run. Although Alternatively you can from FaceTime as well as from a normal telephone call back to the home screen or switch to other apps, then pause the video link, but the VoIP connection continues – also here in very good voice quality.

About the green bar at the upper end, which should be familiar from normal telephone calls can return to FaceTime and the image link will be resumed. FaceTime for the micro is used on top of the iPhone and of course it can be used as the headphones with the mic.

In any address book contact can FaceTime “as a contact option select (for multiple phone numbers will be asked for a number for FaceTime). The connection works immediately. You will see the video icon that (at least) a FaceTime connection exists or existed.

Conclusion – Is the future of video calling?

There are many situations in everyday life, where video calling is proving to be extremely useful. Be it between trading partners – the one sitting in China, the other in Paris – or, of course, also for individuals who are separated by an insurmountable distance. Whether business partners want to see in every conversation necessarily, was once an open question. A birthday greeting via video chat is definitely a lot of joy, no matter whether for business or pleasure. The future of the phone will communicate with a web-enabled mobile phone with high probability. New, faster networks have enforced even Internet telephony will become increasingly important.

Use Pedophiles Anonymous Messenger

Sexting is one of the dangers of exposure to minors Kik users.

Protection of young people and police warn against the supposedly safe alternative Whatsapp Kik. Especially in combination with the Instagram app for kids is extremely dangerous.

In Australia, the police referred the kik for mac App already as the “social media problem number 1″, are involved in the teenager says “press text”. Similar to Whatsapp Kik is a free chat application, but allows its users to get in touch with complete strangers anonymously. Was done the application for users age 17 and older, however, the main clientele is just 11 to 15 years old.

Anonymous does not mean safe

“Such an app is catastrophic for the protection of minors. This opens pedophiles floodgates,” says the Vienna Youth Advocate Anton Schmid “The internet shows us the limits of traditional youth protection methods. It is far too fast paced to keep pace with this development can . The most important thing is a good media-pedagogical education. Young people must be prepared for what awaits them on the Web. ”

The app has 90 million users worldwide, according to Google Play Store and can be installed on all major smartphone operating systems. Instead the phone number or real name, everyone has a nickname. Especially in combination with the photo service Instagram Kik can be dangerous and incalculable consequences for teens.

Many sex pictures on Instagram

If one looks in with Instagram to “Kik me” or “kik” tagged photos, can be found next to seemingly innocuous images also many pornographic images. The so-called sexting about Kik is very popular and can be difficult to kept away from minors. Four percent of teens who own a smartphone have already sent nude pictures of themselves on various services and receive 15 percent of them provide such content known people, explained the American National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Internet Explorer hotfix power re-Fast Update

Microsoft has released a hotfix for Internet Explorer, which is to solve speed issues with browser.

Second breakdown in August Patch Day: After the recall of MS14-045 Microsoft must repair a second time. The published for patch-Day Cumulative Update for Internet Explorer For Mac contained an error which adversely affects the speed of the Microsoft browser.

Microsoft acknowledges the problem in this Knowledge Base entry (KB 2991509) a. This affects all versions are started from Internet Explorer 7 to Internet Explorer 11. The problem occurs according to Microsoft in the context of Web applications, opening the “modal dialogs”. Such “modal dialogs” are dialog boxes that appear when browsing to a website and force the user to make a decision, so can not be easily closed without pressing a button.

Mobile Apps Development Industry in the Transformation Fervor of 2012

The year 2011 brought a drastic change in the way people perceivedthemobile application development industry. Meet growing demand for this highly competitive industry, Google and Apple in the fierce competition. For almost all leading smartphone company that brought the 2011 patent lawsuits and lawyers mdash; Apple against Android, Microsoft against Motorola and so on. 2011 was an excellent year in terms of mobile technology. With all its ups and downs, welcomed by consumers varied smartphone devices, applications, services and technologies with more zeal than ever before. While the first billion took 19 years appliance acceptance was the last billion only 12 months.
Holiday time led to the super-distribution of devices and application downloads. It was the first time the application is downloaded crossed the billion mark in a period of extremely low time. With such a boom in the industry, what could be next?
The following is even better. The term smartphone will soon be replaced by super-phones. Super Phone is a term that. Apple, which simply means a more intelligent and sensitive mobile system for debate Developers of mobile applications are using a larger display an impressive talent, the. Development of mobile applications for the Super Challenge This is expected shortly after the first quarter of 2012.
2012 brings good news for retailers. Although Google Wallet began this summer, retailers are waiting for the implementation of mobile payments with NFC (Near Field Communication). After the mobile industry forecast report 2012 Mobile commerce will remain an important focus for businesses and consumers.
Predictors expect the unlimited data plan and internet mdash; Standstill in the second half of 2011 and mdash; will continue this season. Mdash with better purchasing power and merger with Nokia and Windows; one of the best manufacturer of smartphone devices, we expect that Microsoft is ready for a major acquisition. On the sale of Windows Mobile 2012 will be better.
It is a mixture of reviews for mobile web and mobile application development. While some say mobile offshore development will remain dominant, others believe that as a better future prospect of the mobile web.
Mobile Application Developer and rsquo; Start sassociation next. The former Managing Director of Digital Media Association Jon Potter leads this new partnership, starting in the next week at the Consumer Electronics Show 2012 in Las Vegas. The alliance will see later in development on iOS, Android and RIM platforms. Its main services include Network Collaboration, multiple platforms and advanced tools for testing, hosting services in the cloud, discount certification and training programs. Goal is the team to organize the development of applications for mobile phones.
A plate full of new technology is bringing to the mobile industry. With the pace at which the mobile industry is moving now, soon we will see another revolution in the mobile industry in 2012 and we rsquo; Embrace change for the good!

Mobile apps for hotel_ New room service

Hotels and resorts that rely on personal service when it comes to people who should know that the service is subject to serve human error. For example, a customer calls the service to the room to find that the staff is busy, the other guests and he must, until one of the wait staff, to answer the call. This instance would simply irritate the guest who consider visiting the resort could.
Let's take another example. An Resort offers mobile applications for hotel guests and encourages them to use applications when they have access to the facilities of the hotel. Download guests happy and the facilities of the resort from their handheld devices in mobile application. They enjoy their stay as Don & rsquo; t have to call room service for everything from water plants or tissue.
If you are thinking that these applications are only for guests, then you are wrong. Especially emphasized in the staff room service that the phone is quite busy requests from multiple clients and sending young people in different rooms, guests to use. Mobile applications for the hotel would provide real time, as it helps the freedom to receive calls and take orders from customers to get. If guests require the application for wellness or Used book a wake up call in the morning, the employees take only manage electronic communication. Orders will be taken over by the applications and the room service execute orders as soon as they are placed.
Mobile applications are not a luxury hotel than a resort could offer to its guests. These applications are necessities that can make a difference in the service to the room of a resort. Today everyone uses mobile phone and the latest models of mobile phones are able to run multiple applications. Take online resorts reservation, why should they hesitate, room-service applications. Applications would simply help the staff room service. If you remember that the applications replace the employee, then you are wrong.
Developed by highly experienced software engineers, mobile applications for hotel is perfect for all mobile phone models. These applications are according to the investigation, the facilities and services of the Resort offer guests would like made. For example, applications can be used for weather forecast or to read the latest news.

Time Billing Software Specialized for Small Business

The process time billing and monitoring easier. It is an innovative company that has a billing software to assist in the care of a single billing cycle through a user-friendly interface developed. The software was created by insight and billing methods tested accountants and lawyers.
Financial management and project management have been some of the major concerns of the professionals (eg, accountants, lawyers, consultants, independent contractors, critic and blogger) and small businesses, with experienced the dangers of traditional methods of accounting for receivables. The software interface and the usage remains small businesses and professionals in mind. The software has many features that cater to the needs of users.
The software is able to improve the precise time tracking and invoicing to billing. The software also offers a broad base of users for each user and approved by the company or organization.
Professional software even goes so far, with user permission settings high security for each authorized user. This feature allows any authorized at various levels of turnover time and access to records for Users, to establish user in a hierarchical manner. Integrity of data access is very important when it comes to confidential customer information and software formatted to protect customer information and data in the billing.
A feature is recently added to the software ownership of mobile applications that are included with the software time billing. The mobile application allows users to be able to work on projects and track customers on the billing process, either online or offline. The mobile customer management application has a function "Sync" you know exactly when and how the customer data to organize, when a user logs out, and then go back online to know at a later date. This additional service is for users who are constantly on the move proved useful.
Also included in the software invoice templates for individual brand. This allows professionals and small businesses professionally looking invoices in no time and speed up the billing process. Different billing options are also included in the look of the invoice software interface to improve financial management.
Self-employed and small businesses can use the software to access the Internet from anywhere in the world, because the software uses a secure, encrypted Web-interface. This feature allows the use of software worldwide for invoicing and time tracking for clients, the integrity of the maximum safety in mind.
With so many tools and resources, billing software, time, tracking customers and creating invoices that is optimized, and through a single interface. The software is designed to save time billing according to the guidelines of the traditional settlement … The are stored in the method of time for other business needs to assign time. Ultimately, the efficacy in the functions of the software, designed the multitasking of various clients in the financial management process customer billing enabled.

Tips in Maintaining Privacy in Facebook

Social networking is growing and so are the number of people who are addicted to their amazing properties. Since Facebook is undoubtedly one of the social networks liked most, people are easily performed by their properties. The privacy of Facebook is as important as maintaining complete control of an account is of fundamental importance to the privacy of one online. Since the maintenance of Facebook privacy settings is easy, users can set at will. Since the reputation of a person, what he shares and is based messages on the wall of Facebook, privacy is important. By simply entering, you can change the settings so that you can not only infect and see everything about you.
Here are some tips to stay away from the dangers of invasion Facebook:
Configuration: Facebook privacy settings are automatically adjusted to the private profile. This means that not only one but your friends can see what it says. If you add someone as a friend, they will not be able to detect much of your profile. You would have to go and physically change the settings so that everyone could just go in and see everything about you.
Photos-fun, a lot of photos to upload to your Facebook account. Do you want to share with everyone. The problem is that you do not want everyone to see your personal photos. If you do not want people to know what you think you are best to leave personal photos from the side. You have your site private, but there is someone out there who does not mind the intrusion in to your account to see what you have there.
What's on Your Mind-This where you else that happens to tell you. You can either open or closed mouth about what you do and want to be. You do not have to publish to make every movement on Facebook, since no one is really most important. Be picky about what you put together. This is the best way to get a sense of privacy on Facebook.
Maintaining a sense of privacy on Facebook is all about managing your account. If you drive carelessly or simply just do not care, you will have no privacy at all. If desired, there are many ways you unwanted people from reading or seeing what you do not want them to keep reading and watching. It's all about personal responsibility.

Using Installaware 7 To Patch Software Products

General information
This white paper describes how to use InstallAware to patch software products. While many third-party patching tools are available, most are loosely integrated with installation tools. This makes the distribution of patches and installation cumbersome, resulting in a less than satisfactory user. Some configuration creation tools provide an integrated approach to the creation of mechanism to patch, improving the user experience. In these cases, the patch creation process is very complex and requires special training. The patches are as a special kind of setup project, with many pitfalls of authorship, which the developer must be aware of before and during treatment be developing the actual patch. Since the patches are distributed sent to the actual product, this results in difficult situations where the original settings and can not be changed, but the author does not otherwise required for patches to be successful.
InstallAware addresses these challenges in the authorship of patches on a unique technology: a click patch. InstallAware literally builds patches for older versions of their products with one click. Look in the IDE for older versions built configuration update, and click "Generate Patch" button. Encoding cost additional development or at any time necessary. InstallAware does the rest.
Despite these remarkable ease in the InstallAware tradition, extensive experience in the processes of adaptation and user patches patches still possible. This makes it possible for you. Their business logic in your installer at run time, which drastically reduces the development effort that would otherwise be required to integrate to support this logic For example, before a patch dynamic validation of the existing product license can users perform, unless the software update if your license has expired or is invalid. Likewise, a single patch be applied to multiple targets – so that it is possible to reduce the workload of the integration patching products in various target languages, editions, and other settings.
InstallAware other support patch deployment by reducing the payload size, improving compression rate and caching the old version configuration sources. The patches are built using binary technology gradual differentiation, which contains only the delta between the old and new versions of your files in the patch package. This data is then to save even more space compressed with LZMA compression technology / BCJ2, pre-processes, to increase its compression ability files. At runtime InstallAware simply refers to the sources of cache configuration, unnecessary CD / DVD and other media news original installation, otherwise derail patch distribution (other mechanisms no configuration creation sources do cache settings in the end-user system).
In addition to offering these unique benefits InstallAware is completely based on standards – InstallAware each patch is a patch package native Windows Installer (MSP) which can run directly without third Scripting Runtime are installed previously. Windows Installer technology is the only Microsoft-approved facility and is a requirement of certification programs Microsoft logo. Further advantages are the plants with elevated privileges in contexts of high corporate security and automated deployment using Group Policy in Active Directory. These advantages make the MSP patches single format software distribution format for large companies accepted.
The construction of the first version of the Installation
Update While it is possible, products built with any technology created with InstallAware Setup, these improvements can not use One-Click technology InstallAware patches. Any product that you want to patch up with InstallAware must have been originally installed with InstallAware.
To build the installer for the first version of the product, follow these steps.
1 Our hypothetical product consists of two files, an application file and a data file. Notepad default text editor for Windows is located in the Windows folder, it will serve our application file.
Let's go ahead and create the data file. Right-click the desktop and select New – Text Document. Name the Notepad file data, double-click it and edit it so that the contents look like the following image:
2 Now that our product files first version is ready, we can use the construction of the first version of the installer. Start the InstallAware IDE 7 with the Windows Start menu. Then, in the Project tab in the new group, click the Preferences button. The New Project window appears.
3 selected basic installation project type. In addition, the new project window is a list of other types of templates, wizards, sample projects and projects converters.
The type of project-based installation contains all the plumbing we need to build a fully functional system – with the support of multi-function box, repair and maintenance of applications, uninstalling and patches, our focus in this paper.
4 In the Project name field, type the default value of my setup, or give your own project name. The projects are usually created in the My Documents folder, and are located within their own subfolders. To use a different folder, enter the folder name here, or use the default value. Click OK when you are ready, the project are to create.
5, since our installation project is ready now, let's start with the meat with the logical organization of our products. On the Design tab, click the Files and Settings button. Selection of functions under the title Architecture design configuration and define two functions, so that your setup project is similar to the screenshot above. With the Rename button to rename the existing functions, and the New button to add new features. The up-down button in the upper right corner of the design to see its features enable sorting. In addition, you can use the descriptions by highlighting a function and then editing its description in the Description field properties.
When you are finished, select the Designer files under the installation architecture heading to add the actual product files to the setup project.
6 The upper part of the designer file is available in the system development files. The lower portion of designer shows the files that are installed on your configuration. Follow displays the list of variables in the list of destination folders. $ $ TARGETDIR is a special variable which the user selected during the installation target directory. Select $ $ targetdir before the files to ensure that the end user be installed on the selected target.
The filter files using the box can be connected (the properties defined in the previous step) individual files with the logical organization of your product. After checking the box, be sure the product that you want to associate files with.
From the Windows folder, add the file with notepad.exe Program Files function. Then go to the desktop folder and add the file as Notepad Data.txt Data Files function.
7 Shortcuts allow us to install easily open files and test the patch works. Select Shortcuts Designer under the title Architecture Settings, and then click New to display the new link.
It's easy to create shortcuts in a variety of locations with this dialog box. Click the Browse button to the files are installed visual link between objectives, or alternatively write a file or folder directly in the field shortcut target. Be sure your name for the link to the text field, and select at least one place to create the link under the Shortcut placement groups. Click OK to save the changes.
Create two shortcuts – called My data points to our dummy text file, and another called My program on the copy of the book we install. We are now ready to build our first installation of version!
8 In the Project tab in the Create group, click Web Deploy. We have to build for the Web Deploy mode, because if a system constructed in this manner, its locally cached configuration sources in the target system – eliminating the need for manual multimedia source to be with other designs, such as occurs CD or DVD mode to build. It is also possible, without actually having to build a Web Deploy installation mode, the display something on the net – we will revisit this issue in the second part of this guide.
When construction is complete, click on the down arrow in the Folder button from the group, and select Generate Web Deploy location. Explorer opens with our built configuration, the following files in the folder:
* My Setup.exe: This is the main installation file that contains the installer engine.
* Files.7zip data: This data file contains all the configuration files that are contained in the function of the data files.
* Files.7zip program: This file contains the configuration files that are included in the Program Files function.
9 Create a new folder on the desktop, telephone Version One. Copy all configuration files built in this folder. This folder serves as a backup location for your old version of the installer, that is all that is needed to build a patch addressed this first version. No files needed by old products or configuration sources.
Construction of the second (and more) Version Installers
Now that we have successfully created and saved a copy of our first installation of versions, we are ready to make installation and construction of the second version changes in the proposed product.
1 Edit the text file on the desktop that you created in step 1 of the previous section, and edit your content to make it like the image below:
2 Save your changes in the text file, and create settings according to the procedure in step 8 of the previous section. Remember to create another folder on your desktop called two-version for use with future patches, and again, copy all configuration files in this folder integrated backup the second version of the installer.
3 If necessary, additional changes in the product files and setup project (eg additional files to add), and most installers build version as needed. Just be sure to back up each system installed, so you can patch it later.
Structure of the patch
There is absolutely no additional steps required to create a patch that build on changes in the product files and the new version of the installer. Follow the steps below to create the patch:
1 On the Design tab, in the Views group, click the Deploy button.
2 Titled deployment, select the patches Designer. Click the Add button in the designer patches and add the Setup.exe file from the My Folders A previously created on the desktop version.
3 If other versions of the product for patching, add your backup folder to installers. These old saved version of InstallAware installers you need to create a Patch!
4 Click the Build Patch button. Once the patch has been created, click on the Browse button to open Explorer to the folder that contains the patch file, My Setup.exe. This patch will update all references successfully older versions to the latest version!
Congratulations! Now he has built a patch for your software product with InstallAware. Install the first version of the installation, open the text file in order to verify the content; then install and make sure that the text file was updated the patch. Experiment with, the more changes to the setup project, and let InstallAware maintenance of construction of more patches than with a single click!
Deployment Scenarios
Patch Source Resolution
All Windows Installer patches need access to the configuration files of the previous version of the product. The installation files for the old version must be successfully identified (resolved) apply via patches. This section describes how to handle this requirement InstallAware Patches source resolution.
Resolution patch-source Web-deployed settings
Since web-site cache settings when the configuration files, patch resolution for web source is automatically used configurations. No manual steps are required checks for the original decision. It is also possible, provided web configurations that do not have an Internet connection at any time of installation require author; These advantages make ideal settings for Web-use patch in InstallAware.
Patch Source Resolution CD or DVD settings
If it is not desirable to locally cache configuration sources can also be used in CD-or DVD settings. Patching an installation CD or DVD, a dialog box for the original installation files. At this stage, only the end user to insert the original installation CD and select the drive that the configuration sources. If an installation CD or DVD is not stored on removable media, but is located in a folder on your hard drive, simply select the folder is enough to be checked for the original decision.
Resolution patch source configurations for single file
A single configuration file for all packages install files in a single self-extracting file. This self-extracting file, when executed, all first extends the installation files to a temporary folder, and start the installation. Patching against these configurations is thus not enough to point to the folder that contains the single self-extracting file. Instead, the self-extracting file should be executed, so that the extraction step of the installation is finished files to a temporary folder, and then you should choose the temporary folder. The identification of these folders can be a little intimidating for novice end-users, therefore, the configurations are not recommended from a single file patches as targets; but if necessary, it is still possible to patch configurations of individual files.
A practical step by step method to the temporary folder in the extracted find the installation files as follows:
1 Click the Windows Start button, select Run and type% temp% in the Open box. Then click OK.
2 Windows Explorer opens and displays the contents of the user's temporary folder.
3 Look for a folder that starts with the characters and ends with mia TMP-mark, with some random numbers and letters in the middle. In the rare case that it will fit more folders in this model, just try each folder until patch is one of your choice (the patch installer checks for valid sources are given) to accept.
The main advantage of using a single configuration file to a monolithic package that everything needed to install contains an application without an Internet connection or a CD / DVD (and other types of removable media). You can web configurations used that do not require at any point nor monolithic, and access to the Internet during installation, so that in cases where a configuration of a single monolithic file is desired, the Web Deploy build mode can be advantageous to construct the building single file mode. Resolution patch source automatically with all web configurations, and the output of a system used built with Web Deploy mode may be a single physical file are still building, as described in the next section.
Construction of monolithic Web application configurations
Since web application configurations are configurations based patching against easier, it is convenient installers use their versions fully develop. In certain situations, you can configurations that create not require an Internet connection at any time. InstallAware makes it easy monolithic web used to build configurations – which are completely independent – so always configuration files cache contains all configuration data in a single installation file and are easy for end users to patch. To convert an existing configuration settings monolithic to an extended path, follow these steps:
1 Open the setup project in the IDE InstallAware and select the access to the complete installation sources MSIcode tab.
2 In MSIcode Editor, select the tab immediately to the right of the Welcome tab. For our hypothetical configuration this tab is My settings with the label.
3 Note the two drop-down combo boxes immediately above command sequence MSIcode. Select Web Media Blocks in the left combo box. Then expand the right drop-down list to a list of all the Web Media Blocks (part of the configuration which are downloaded from the internet at runtime) display.
4 Select a web media block in the Open combo box. The MSIcode editor positions the cursor in the right place in the script where the web media block is defined.
5 Click on the highlighted web media block row and choose Comment Out / In. This tells the Web Media Block definition, direct the compiler to ignore InstallAware Setup this Directive.
6 Repeat steps 4-5 until all blocks of the web media in the script MSIcode were discussed.
7 Press the Page Up key until you are installing on top of the script.
8 Use the mouse to move the Web Media Block command palette MSIcode commands (right MSIcode Editor) to the top of the script by drag & drop. This adds a new Web Media Block command in the script MSIcode.
9 Define dialog box appears Web Media Block. Without changes in this dialog box, click the OK button. This adds a new line in your script called MSIcode [offline content]. This tells the compiler that all InstallAware Setup files directly in the main setup.exe file instead of an Internet address where you can download include the duration of your installation package.
Building your installation Web Deploy Build Mode a monolithic network is now used configuration requires at any time during the installation to create no internet access, automates the delivery of the easiest targets thanks to write against the original judgment Patch.
Customize patches
Compiler variables
InstallAware provides variable compiler that an easy way to create multiple configuration files for a project installation to offer. Using compiler variables that can similarly conditional statements can be found in most programming languages, you can conditionally can include / exclude parts of the script MSIcode, and build different flavors of an existing configuration, all based on a single project installation.
Compiler variables
InstallAware provides several variables Built-in compiler. For example evaluates the internal variable BUILD MODE to build patch compiler InstallAware`s patches. This makes it very easy, extra logic to add your MSIcode font that only created a collection of patches (eg click on the Patch button in the Create group, click the Project tab). Additional, custom compiler variables by the project options (by clicking on the project settings in the group manage the project file is accessed) can be defined. Values ​​compiler variables can also be set from the command line when the command-line tool miabuild.exe to build, for simplicity's sake be used.
Conditional compilation variables with compiler
Three commands MSIcode offer test, the values ​​of the variables and compiler selectively / exclude parts of the script MSIcode at compile time. These commands are in the group of compiler directives MSIcode range command (in MSIcode tab on the right hand side of the editor MSIcode available):
* If compiler variable: Opens a new block of conditional compilation. Simply drag and drop this command in the MSIcode script to create together a new conditional block.
In the Variable field of this command to specify the compiler variable to test. They can be built for both variables and custom compiler to test with this command. To create a new conditional block compiled only included to start the construction of patches, giving BUILD MODE in this area. In the control panel, select a type of comparison to perform. Accept builds the default comparison for the same patch test. If you need to reverse the type of comparison, check the reverse comparison (or not) check box. In comparison with the area between the literal value to the value of the variable compiler test against. For patches, PATCH enter in this field.
* Compiler Variable Else: industries already begun conditional compilation block so that if the immediately preceding compiler variable If the test fails, the commands are compiled conditionally after the Else MSIcode variable compiler command.
* Compiler Variable End: Closes a conditional compilation block previously with a compiler, when reference variable open. If each variable compiler command must have a corresponding end command variable compiler.
You can freely nest several conditional compilation blocks as you see fit. You can use all commands in their MSIcode conditionally compiled blocks to use.
InstallAware variables compiler internally for possible patches with one click. Most InstallAware templates (including the basic configuration template used in this paper) a properly constructed script MSIcode variable when all commands / end / Else to build patch is used effortlessly necessary from the same plant project compiler The main configuration.
Using compiler variables thus provides out of the box comfort patches click for developers the flexibility and allows the designer with additional adjustments to the patches that are built on the basis of a single installation project. You can InstallAware freely customize any templates to meet your needs and to integrate any business logic to patch their systems, while the problems and overheads with which connected to the creation and maintenance of new, separate projects patches from scratch.